2 minimal effort hacks for an impressive resume

Writing resumes sucks. I know.

It’s draining, depleting and downright frustrating at best. And there’s tons of advice out there on what you should & shouldn’t do when it comes to your resume.

I know it can be overwhelming. Which is why I’ve written this short & sweet post for you with the 2 easiest hacks you can do.

Even if you do nothing else, do these. Because it’ll make you application infinitely better, with minimal effort. Trust me.


Ready – so here is #1 …

Use bullet points.


There. Told you it was simples. Blog post over.

No, but seriously. The most common error I see in resumes, is people burying their powerful experiences and skills in long-ass waffly sentences.

I know you think if you can write all fancy the hiring manager will be instantly impressed.

But really, they don’t have time to go on a search party, looking for where you meet the job requirements.

So, use your trusted friend: bullet points!

Instead of long paragraphs of text, break it down into punchy bullets.

For example, why take up valid page space with this …

“I had to build relationships with suppliers and negotiate deals while maintaining good communication in order to create smooth working conditions, so that involved developing my professional communication skills. I was also in charge of new recruits and it was my responsibility to train them to the highest standard …”

When you could write this …

  • Built strong & effective working relationship with multiple suppliers.
  • Successfully negotiated crucial deals with X & Y suppliers.
  • Responsible for training new recruits.

It takes up less space. It’s more straightforward. It’s easy for the hiring manager to find what they’re looking for. And tbh, it makes your life easier; you have less to write!


Now you’re ready for step #2 …

Use powerful words in your resume.  

The first word of every sentence in the bullet points above is an action word or a power word.

Using these power, action words at the beginning of the bullet point is a super simple, but effective way of catching the hiring manager’s attention.

Don’t feel like you have to start every sentence setting the scene and giving the reader context, just get right into it.

Say what you did, how you did it, and what the outcome was. If they have any questions, they’ll follow up with you later.

Side note: Here is where you can be extra sneaky (but brilliant), by choosing your power/action words from the actual job description.

If they say “need to be able to organise multiple files and keep track of suppliers’ information” then you can steal the word “organise” and start one of your bullet points with that word!


You’ve made their life easier. They’re looking for that skill and you’ve used that word right at the beginning of a bullet point.

Bonus for you beauties …

Power Word Graphic

I’ve compiled a list of the 50 most powerful action words and put them into a fun, little graphic so you can easily make your resume standout.

This is a sneak-peak of it, but you can download the entire graphic here!

There you have it. Two simple hacks to vastly improve your resume, with minimal effort.

Any questions, comment below! If you have any other tips you’ve found that work, don’t forget to share — sharing is caring after all.

C. xo


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