How to craft a powerful resume that gets read

I know how frustrating it is to work really hard and send out tons of resumes but only hear crickets.

Especially when you’ve wrestled with Word or Photoshop for hours trying to format the bloody thing, (what’s the deal with text moving where you don’t want it to?).


So I wrote this blog post which lays out exactly what you need to do to actually get emailed back.

I’ve split it up into three step-by-step sections so your entire resume is taken care of … let’s start! 

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2 minimal effort hacks for an impressive resume

Writing resumes sucks. I know.

It’s draining, depleting and downright frustrating at best. And there’s tons of advice out there on what you should & shouldn’t do when it comes to your resume.

I know it can be overwhelming. Which is why I’ve written this short & sweet post for you with the 2 easiest hacks you can do.

Even if you do nothing else, do these. Because it’ll make you application infinitely better, with minimal effort. Trust me.


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2 ways to ask questions to make your interviewer love you

If you’re applying for a job that you lurvveeeeeee (hint: you should be, you deserve to have a job you love waking up for), you are naturally going to have lots of questions you want answering.

But which ones should you ask? Which order should you ask them? And how should you ask them so you come across as informed and interested? Which questions are even the right questions?

2 ways to ask questions to make your interviewer love you

I hear you, it can be a mine field.

Surprised as you might be, the best questions to ask at the end of your interview are not always the questions you’ve researched on the internet.

My number #1 tip when it comes to asking questions to impress your interviewer is …

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How to smash your interview in 5 practical steps

You’ve typed and typed and typed trying to ace your resume. Maybe you even sent me your application to be edited to perfection. Wink wink. 😉

Finally, you sent it all off and you waited, patiently. Well, as patiently as you could. Then you heard… YOU GOT AN INTERVIEW, WOOHOO!!!

Oh wait, a new dread sets in.

Oh Wait Will Smith.gif

What should you say? How should you say it? What should you wear? GAH. Just when you thought the hard times were over, a new kind of panic has arrived.

But don’t worry. Here are the 5 essential steps you need to follow for a successful interview.

How to smash your interview in 5 practical steps.jpg

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How to write an eye-catching cover letter in 5 steps

Getting the perfect balance between a professional yet interesting cover letter is difficult.

You don’t just want to spout out all the same tired stuff everybody says. But you also can’t be too “out-there”, otherwise you won’t be taken seriously. It takes time & some serious patience.

But don’t worry, because here are five insights and action steps you need to take to create a winning cover letter —and not go too grey in the process.

How to Write a Cover Letter in 5 Steps.jpg

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How to fit everything onto your CV in 2 steps

First of all, as much as you don’t want to hear it, it’s important that your CV is only 1 A4 page, at the VERY most 2 sides of A4. (Unless you’re a seasoned employee with 20 odd years of experience, then you can definitely get away with 2 sides of A4).

How to fit everything onto your resume in 2 steps

I know, it’s heart breaking because you want to say everything you possibly can and choosing what to cut out is difficult.

But trust me, be selective in your examples and wording and only have a 1 sided A4 CV that’s sleek and easy to read. Rather than a 2-page mess of text-boxes everywhere and page margins now a distant memory.

There are two steps to fitting everything onto your CV.

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How to successfully apply for a job you have no experience for

I’ve heard a lot of people say when they’re looking for a new job: “I’d love to do this, but I don’t have any experience”.  And that’s where it stops. They close the open tab on their computer and with that, shut the door on opportunity. 

That’s why in this post I tell you exactly how you can apply for that job you want and know you’d be amazing at. 

How to successfully apply for a job you have no experience for

To be honest, it’s mostly my girlfriends who say this. They see a job ad they think they’d be awesome at, but because:

  • it’s a change from what they’re doing
  • they don’t have specific experience in that yet
  • they don’t meet 100% of the things listed in the ad

they don’t even apply.

It breaks my heart. Honestly.

Call it naivety, but I believe you can apply for those jobs your heart soars when reading, even (and especially) when you don’t have experience in yet.

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How to get out of the comparison trap & get the career you want

You might not be where you want to be. You might not be working to where you want to be.

Maybe you are like a lot of people I’ve spoken to recently, just counting down the days until the weekend. Buttttttt the weekend just keeps feeling a little further away.


How to stop comparing yourself & get the career you want

If you took a minute to think about this question, (I know, big breath) would your answer be that your satisfied with your job/career/lifestyle?

This question has made me a little more nervous than I’d like to admit at times.

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3 powerful mindsets you need to get the job

I’ve been working with a number of people trying to get a better job, start their career or make a change.

And the biggest challenge we’ve faced is overcoming the: “I’m not enough” mindset.

3 powerful mindsets you need to get the job


I honestly can’t believe how much it has cropped up, and this destructive narrative shows up in a myriad of ways, it’s sneaky. (Just like this cat, but definitely not as cute).

Sneaky cat

I’ve collected the most common three shapes I’ve seen the: “I’m not enough” trap take so far, so you can recognize it earlier, throw it out and not be hindered by this lie anymore.

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A new perspective on being disrespected

It was Monday morning in Guiyang, China, and I was constantly checking my phone. Something which I hate doing, especially right before bed.

I was waiting on a reply from my Chinese friend who was coordinating with construction workers who needed to come and do work in our house.

See a few days before, there’d been loud knocks at the door from our building manager. (Very loud knocks, with like 2 seconds in between — who gets to the door that fast?)

They told us our washing machine had caused a waterfall in the apartment below.



They came in and inspected our laundry room. Side note: they came in without taking their shoes off — which is a big deal in China.

Every time you go into someone’s house you either put these booties on over your shoes, wear slippers they give you, orrrrr just take your shoes off.

So if you just barge in with your shoes on it’s quite disrespectful here.

Anywayyyyy, they couldn’t see anything wrong with the washing machine.

Which meant … all the problems were below the floor.



Because our whole house is basically a concrete block, our floor would have to be completely pulled up to be able to get at whatever was causing the tsunami problem downstairs.

Like, completely destroyed. They eventually came with jack-hammers.

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